Digital services -
real added value

With SmartLine, the CHIRON Group offers a modular software portfolio for numerous series, which can be used to analyze data from your machining processes in a targeted way. This creates transparency in your manufacturing process and enables you to identifypotential. Whether monitoring productivity, condition monitoring or the preventative detection of collisions, digital systems are now an integral part of the CHIRONGroup's product range, and form the basis of the new SmartServices.

SmartServices are the digital product offerings from CHIRON Group Service, tailored to the three phases of the machine lifecycle. Regardless of location or distance from your machinery, Smart-Services are on-hand to help you convert the potential of your manufacturing processes into increased profitability. With a modular design, SmartServices can be combined in various ways to suit your exact requirements.

EfficiencyServices enable optimized reactive maintenance – with guaranteed response times, spare parts deliveries and service work. ConditionServices focus on maintenance management that is precisely tailored to your production process, with services such as recording and visualization of condition data, regular reporting and recommended courses of action. ProductivityServices ensure greater overall performance by analyzing all areas involved in the manufacturing process, such as hardware and software, automation, process and setup times.

Analyzing and optimizing the entire value chain for increased OEE

Condition-based, individual maintenance management for increased availability at predictable costs

Optimized reactive maintenance with tailored support for reduced downtime


Mean Time To Repair


Mean Time Between Failures


Overall Equipment Effectiveness

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